Fantasy Vs Reality. Which One Is More Valuable?

Fantasy Football is influencing the masses. Who knew that the power of imagination would create a billion dollar industry that rivals it’s counterpart, American Football?

The late Walt Disney, a central leader of the animation industry, carries a reputation known for attracting audiences into worlds that are unimaginable to the normal human mind. Often imitated but never duplicated, His entrepreneurial advancements are breaking the barriers between Fantasy and Reality. Disney’s net worth of 122.18 Billion should strangle doubts about how much creating fantasy worlds and characters are truly impacting community. His quote that exists side-by-side with this truth is simple but powerful: “Fantasy and Reality often overlap.”

As a child growing up in rural south Georgia, Disney’s brand created the opportunity to stay connected to my inner child. This was important because my surroundings didn’t provide much hope to dream and dare to be great. I had to use my imagination. As a young man evolving in the same state, I’m connecting to my inner child through the game of American football. Because I can’t play anymore, I’m channeling that love and using my imagination on Fantasy Sports.

In reality, Football is a team sport where eleven players on each squad are contributing to three phases of the game—these contests lasting sixty minutes apiece. Teams are competing for wins against other franchises. The supreme goal is lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy at year’s end.
In Reality, the game of American football is the most popular form of entertainment. The National Football League (the highest level of American football) is the most lucrative sports corporation in the world. The NFL hooks the consumer throughout the entire year with several events requiring fan bases to stay up to date. This is only a small explanation of why American football is so popular worldwide.

On the other hand, rapidly intensifying in popularity over the last three decades, is the game of Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is what I fell in love with back in 2008, my freshman year of high school. I had some friends, who were extremely enthusiastic about the game of football. As an avid Atlanta Falcons fan, there was only so much enthusiasm I was going to feel since, the city’s savior, Micheal Vick just got incarcerated & our Franchise drafted Matt Ryan. To be honest: I had knowledge of MY team, however, I lacked insight into the other 31 franchises that formulate the NFL. Fantasy Football eroded that reality.

In Fantasy Sports, Football is a game in which everyday people become general managers selecting players from rosters around the National Football League. Players are gaining points based on in-game performance. Those points adding up leading to wins. The ordinary person, functioning as a GM, has a goal to wear the fantasy crown at year’s end. Fantasy football is not a year round extravaganza, but Fantasy Sports has taken off lately. Fantasy Sports are paving the way to be relevant as long as live sports are streaming. With the incorporation of Daily Fantasy Sports(DFS), Betting and More, the experience is unlike any phenomena I’ve witnessed. Addicting, mind-boggling & adrenaline rush are words that come to mind when I ponder the greatness of Fantasy. The crazy thing is: Millions of people feel the same way as I do.

According to research done by, the number of fantasy players in North America was 500,000 in 1988. In 2003, the sum of people playing fantasy sports rose to 15.2 million. Fast-forward to 2009, 28.4 million players were in the fantasy sports market. In 2015, a staggering 56.8 million people are investing in fantasy sports; Of the 56.8 million people, 40 million people play fantasy football. Factor in that participants spend an average of $465 a year on fantasy sports, and we do some quick math: Fantasy Football in 2015 was an 18.6 Billion dollar market. In 2015, that was 6 billion more than the estimated value of NFL Revenue.

From those stats, per, I come away knowing that Fantasy Football is more profitable than American Football. Let that soak into your pores. Fantasy is worth more than Reality. Did I mention that those numbers were from 2015 back when the #1 song in the world was Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars? I’ll let your thoughts wander about where the numbers are at in 2021.

In the year of 2021, Fantasy Sports has opened many routes for communities of people who invest, play and support Fantasy. It’s created jobs for the masses, propelled journalists onto careers based off pure imagination and made professions for people who love statistics. It’s gifted me the opportunity to provide you with my unapologetic takes, expanded knowledge and writing about what I love and hate about Fantasy.

Walt Disney’s simple, but powerful truth is a central reason why we currently have these opportunities as a community. “Fantasy and Reality often overlap.” Since they always overlap, you can’t have one without the other. As we enter into the next decade of possibilities, it’s going to be harder to tell the difference between the two. Everything that I mentioned above should suffocate doubts about how much creating fantasy realms can truly impact community, create millions in revenue and the power to influence the masses. So, which side will you embrace more: Fantasy Or Reality?

PS: MoonVibes Unapologetic Take
#1 of the Off-SZN

Christian McCaffrey will put up 400 fantasy points in PPR Leagues as RB1, better than his 2019 season. This will make people finally accept the reality that, in fantasy, C-MAC is a white chocolate magician. He’s Fantasy Football’s Willy Wonka.

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