Julian Humphrey commits to Florida Gators

Florida Gators fans, you are in for a treat because 4-star cornerback Julian Humphrey has just committed to the Gators. Julian is from Houston, Texas, and plays for Clear Lake High School.

When I watched Julian’s tape, I saw more positives than negatives, which is always good. The first thing I liked in his game as he is very good at contesting throws. The 2nd thing I liked about his game because he can recover and catch up with the wide receivers he’s covering when he gets beat off the line. The 3rd thing I liked was his speed. As I said, he could recover when he is beaten off the line, and his speed has a big part of why he can. The last big thing I liked was his tackling. When he goes in for a tackle, he doesn’t hesitate for a second. He goes in hits hard, and that’s what I like.

Julian will benefit the Gators because even if they have a lot of depth at the position, I still think this kid can battle to become a starter his first year. Why I say, that is because he makes every catch a battle for wide receivers. And with his ability to swat the ball down very effectively, I think that makes him stand out from all the others on the team. Another reason why is because his ability to recover off the line if he gets beat is just as impressive, so if he works hard enough, no doubt in my mind Julian Humphrey will have a chance to start his first year.

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