NCAA discussing college football playoff expansion

The college football playoffs have been around for seven years. The playoff format was implemented back in 2014; the college football playoffs were made to provide more opportunities for teams to win an NCAA championship. But it has only provided more opportunities for the bigger-name schools.

Early on, the playoff format was looking like a success. As time went on, the playoffs got repetitive, and fans questioned the college football playoff committee. Since the playoff format has been created, teams such as Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson, and LSU win NCAA championships. Ohio State and LSU have won one title, while Clemson won two titles and Alabama has won three titles.

Since those teams have been the only ones to win national championships, fans have suggested expanding the playoffs to more teams. Some have suggested expanding it to 6 or 8 teams, but the NCAA has shot those ideas down. After last year the NCAA is considering expanding the playoffs. As reported by Yahoo sports, a high-ranking college official with knowledge of the process said, ” The reason you go to 12 is because you can develop the road of least resistance toward a good result.”

When it comes to expanding the playoffs to 12 teams, it will allow group of five schools to showcase that they can compete with power five schools. Last season, the Cincinnati Bearcats went undefeated in the regular season; the UCF knights had two back-to-back undefeated regular seasons a few years before Cincinnati. As you can guess, neither of those teams made the playoffs. When neither of those teams made the playoffs, it was controversial Because teams with one loss made the playoffs. Expanding the playoffs could end that controversy.

Expanding the college football playoffs allows more schools to win national titles. The idea could also backfire on the NCAA if Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State keep dominating college football. But for right now, there is no known date to when the decision on a 12 team playoff will be made.

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