Three coaches the Boston Celtics should consider hiring

After getting eliminated by the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston Celtics decided to make changes to the front office. Danny Ainge announced he was retiring from his position as president of basketball operations for the Celtics. Brad Stevens, Boston’s head coach of eight years, decided to take Ainge’s place as president of basketball operations for Boston.

WIth Stevens taking a front office job, it leaves the question. Who will be the Boston Celtics’ next head coach? Well, here are three options the Celtics should consider hiring as their next head coach.

Option 1. Mike D’antoni

Mike D’antoni is currently an assistant coach for the Brooklyn Nets. While being an assistant right now, D’antoni is no stranger to being a head coach. D’antoni has coached the Pheonix Suns, New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Houston Rockets. He has won coach of the twice and has made multiple conference finals appearances.

Having the Accolades and coaching is good, but it D’antoni’s ability to make players better offensive players that should attract the Celtics. D’antoni has shown what he is capable of doing to a player’s offensive game. D’antoni’s system was a big reason why Steve Nash and James Harden won MVP awards. His seven seconds or less system helped improve nash’s aggressiveness to score and helped him become a better passer. His spread offense also did wonders for Harden. Surrounding Harden with Shooters was the Rockets’ top priority after hiring D’antoni. The offense allowed Harden to showcase his passing ability, his craftiness to score, and his ability to draw fouls.

The Celtics have an exceptional offensive talent in Jayson Tatum. Tatum is also a crafty scorer, he can score at will, but he sometimes struggles at drawing fouls. Jaylen is also a talented offensive player who can score the ball in a multitude of ways. D’antoni can raise both of their offensive skill sets with his system. D’antoni’s schemes allow his best offensive players to exploit the opposing team’s defense. His schemes are simple and easy for his players to understand. There are some negative things about D’antoni as a coach.

D’antoni, at times, can be his own worst enemy. In the playoffs, he is sometimes reluctant to make adjustments. That is one of the many reasons why his teams couldn’t reach the NBA Finals. Remember how I said his schemes are “simple and easy to understand”? Well, that is true for his team and the opposing teams. Opposing teams have exploited D’antoni’s schemes because they’re so easy, and his schemes are built for regular season success, not postseason success. But D’antoni can take Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown’s offensive skill sets to the next level.

Option 2. Chauncey Billups

Chauncey Billups is currently an assistant coach under Tyronn Lue’s staff for the Los Angeles Clippers. Lack of coaching may raise some eyebrows because Billups has only been an assistant coach for one year. That could be a turnoff for many teams, but that shouldn’t be a turnoff for the Celtics.

Billups is somebody that the Celtics need. Billups is a former player that went through his share of ups and downs during his playing career. Billups career went from bust to NBA champion after a couple of struggling years. That is the type of coach the Boston Celtics. A coach that can relate to the players on the team last year, the Celtics as a whole struggled a lot. There was a lack of team chemistry and team identity. Tatum, Brown, and Walker all had stretches where they just looked like their mind wasn’t entirely focused on the court. A former player could relate to what those players were going through.

Right now, Billups is a candidate for the Portland Trailblazers head coaching job also. So if the Celtics want Billups as their coach, they better hurry up and sign him.

Option 3. Kenny Atkinson

Another assistant coach for the Clippers who could also be in the running for the Celtics head coaching job is Kenny Atkinson. Atkinson was an assistant coach for the Knicks and Hawks before becoming a head coach for the Nets. With the Nets, Atkinson improved each year; he coached them to the playoffs in the 2019-20 season. Atkinson helped those nets teams with their identity and chemistry.

Identity and chemistry are something the Celtics lacked this past season. Atkinson can help bring a new Identity and chemistry to the Celtics. Right now, the Boston Celtics have a lot of young players. Atkinson and his coaching staff did a great job at developing young talent when he was in Brooklyn. When he was with Brooklyn, he built a culture while the Boston Celtics don’t need culture, but their culture needs repairing.

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