4-Star cornerback Jaeden Gould commits to USC

The 4-star cornerback Jaeden Gould has just announced that he will be playing college football for the USC Trojans. Why should Trojan fans be excited about their new cornerback commit?

Jaeden’s biggest strength is how well he reads the quarterback. In his highlights before the quarterback commits to throwing the ball, Jaeden is already baiting and reading where the quarterback will throw it. And that’s one of the biggest reasons he will be big at USC. His next biggest strength is his ability to play behind who he is covering and still make plays. Again in his highlights, I saw him reading and baiting the quarterback from behind. And right when the quarterback threw the ball, he would catch up to the guy he was covering and force an incomplete pass or a pick. The biggest weakness I saw from him is that he gets beat too much off the line. Which he will need to improve on at the next level with more elite wide receivers. He is very good at making plays from behind for one of his strengths, but he will still need to work on not getting beat to become a decent cornerback at the next level.

My ceiling for Jaeden is that he makes a big impact at USC and starts his freshman season. In that freshman season, I could see him going for 20 tackles and 3 interceptions. And finally, in the NFL Draft, I see him going late in the fourth round or the beginning of the 5th round.

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