Arizona State football is being investigated for recruiting violations

The NCAA is investigating the Arizona State football program for violating possible NCAA violations. Arizona State confirmed this news to media outlets.

Arizona State Spokeswoman Katie Paquet did not go into details on what the allegations are. But there have been rumors going around that these allegations may involve a few Arizona state coaches. After Paquet’s statement, it Later was reported by yahoo sports that the NCAA is investigating Arizona State for recruiting violations involving high school prospects to visit Arizona State football facilities.

After the Covid-19 outbreak, the NCAA announced a dead period. The dead period rules Banned high school prospects from visiting college campuses until June 1st of 2021. During this dead period, Arizona State football coaches brought in high school prospects when they weren’t allowed. Yahoo Sports also reported that the NCAA found out that Arizona State was doing this through a person that has or had a relationship with the Sun Devils coaching staff. That person sent the NCAA multiple Emails and pictures that could be used for evidence in this investigation.

The spotlight will be on Arizona State’s head coach Herm Edwards since Pac-12 media days are a month away. Edwards with definitely get asked questions about what was going on with his coaching staff and these high school prospects.

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