preseason week 1: Top 3 rookie quarterback performances

Many NFL franchises took a chance at drafting their future quarterback in the 2021 NFL draft. Since the draft, fans have been waiting to see what Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, and other quarterbacks can do on an NFL field. Finally, NFL fans got the first glimpse of these quarterbacks this past weekend.

3. Mac Jones

Since Tom Brady has left New England and went to Tampa Bay, people have been wondering who Brady’s replacement will be. The patriots think they found Brady’s replacement after picking Mac Jones in the 2021 draft with the 15th pick. After being draft Jones has gotten tons of hype. Jones gave those people a reason to be hyped after his performance on Thursday.

In Thursday’s game against the Washington Football Team, Jones went 13-for-19 on passing attempts with 87 passing yards. Jones came out and completed some quick passes, and at times he looks brilliant in his decision-making. However, everything wasn’t peaches, and cream Jones struggled at times to complete passes into tight coverage. He also had some overthrows. But, ultimately, Jones stood out over some other quarterbacks that took snaps last week.

2. Jordan Love

After not taking any snaps last season, Packers fans finally got to see how Jordan Love looks on an NFL field. Love and the Packers faced off against the Houston Texans, and he performed well in his debut. Love was 12-for-17 on pass attempts and 122 passing yards to go along with 1 touchdown. But, unfortunately, love’s debut was cut short due to a shoulder injury.

Love made good throws. He stayed poised in the pocket and even made some impressive throws. However, the Packers offensive line did a poor Job protecting Love as he was sacked a couple of times and even stripped sacked. Love also had some pass where he threw too high for the receiver. But, all in all, Love played well and outplayed some other rookie quarterbacks.

1. Justin Fields

Bears fans had to deal with four years of Mitch Trubisky, but after last season, GM Ryan Pace decides not to resign Trubisky. Instead, after letting Trubisky walk, the Bears decided to take Justin Fields as their future quarterback. Since being drafted, Bears fans have been anxious to see what fields can do against NFL defense, even if it’s just a preseason game.

Fields and the Bears faced off against the Miami Dolphins. Fields had a field day on Miami’s 2nd and 3rd string defense. He was 14-for-20 on pass attempts for 142 yards and 1 passing touchdown. Fields also made some plays happen with his feet rushing for 33 yards and 1 rushing touchdown.

FIelds had a good game and impressed a lot of bears fans. He made good throws and did an excellent job of going through his progressions. However, he also had some struggles as his first couple of drives fields, and the Bears offense had no first downs, and fields even fumbled. NFL fans will likely see more of Justin Fields this weekend as the Bears face off against the Buffalo Bills.

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