Preseason Week 2 Top 3 Rookie Quarterback Performances

Preseason Week 2: Top Rookie Quarterback Performances #1 Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Preseason Week 2 is wrapping up and if you’re a fan base debuting a rookie quarterback, this preseason just hits different for you. They might not be a lock to start in Week 1, however, every rep is beneficial to the growth and maturation process of these young signal callers. Not only is the preseason meant to show off your draft picks to the NFL world, it’s also meant for evaluation. So, here are preseason week 2 top 3 rookie quarterback performances.

3. Mac Jones, New England Patriots

Who? Mac Jones! Who? Mac Jones! Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me. Those words, written by a famous 21st century philosopher Mike Jones, reign supreme after watching Jones take advantage of a Philadelphia Eagles team that just didn’t show up to compete. If a team doesn’t want to show up, you still dice them up anyways. Why? Because you’re a professional.

In preseason week 2, Mac Jones picked up where Cam Newton left off and exposed the Eagles defense putting up a solid stat line. His numbers were impressive, and his command of the offense was truly encouraging. Very decisive with where He wanted to go with the football. He navigated the pocket with poise and grace. He definitely delivered a deep ball to perfection. My favorite part: the laser-like velocity on Jones passes. Bill Belichick hasn’t named a starter; this competition is still open for the taking heading into Week 1.

Final Stats: 13-19, 146 yards

2. Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers

Depending on when you logged onto the Niners vs Chargers game, it may have determined your view of Trey Lance. Each game, so far, has been a roller coaster ride for Lance. The first game, Trey Lance exploded onto the scene with a bomb that made us all collectively think “That might be it for Jimmy Garropolo”. After the spectacular, the tide quickly shifted & roller coaster ride ended just as fast as it started. Preseason week 2-Sunday’s game vs the Chargers-was another trip to six flags with the day starting off rocky & then improving as He got more comfortable. Lance started 1-5 for 9 yards and an interception. If you were watching up until that point, you very well could’ve thought Lance is a bust.

Lance started turning it around with a touchdown to Mohamed Sanu Sr. before the half and another touchdown with the third quarter winding down to Travis Benjamin. To me, the physical gifts stick out the most -although Lance showed off more in Week 1. Lance was more mobile and flashed his arm strength on multiple occasions. With only 17 starts on his resume throughout his FCS college tenure, he still has elements of His game to smooth out before getting handed the keys to the offense: accuracy, touch, taking too many sacks, holding onto the ball too long. What keeps me encouraged is the flat-out upside that Trey Lance possesses because it’s undeniable that He can play. It’s just going to be hard keeping Lance off the field for much longer. Trey Lance ranks number two in our preseason week 2 top 3 rookie performances.

Final Stats: 8-14, 102 yards, 2 TDs, Interception

1. Zach Wilson, New York Jets

Zach Wilson looks really good, however, just because you look good in preseason week 2 doesn’t mean you’ll look good in regular season. The preseason is an easier brand of football, but there’s no denying the comfort level that Wilson possesses heading into year 1 with Gang Green. Calm, poised and calculated. A sixth sense to look firm in the pocket always knowing where you’re going with the football. Never getting flustered in the process. 9.6 yards per attempt; It’s impressive no matter the season. Zach Wilson is back there executing the offense in the pocket looking like He’s done it for years.

All of the concerns that we had coming into the draft about the sample size, low level of competition, translation to the NFL game have been quieted because he looks the same. The same gunslinger. To add onto it: Wilson has the awareness in the pocket to retreat making room for his throws. Wilson possesses pocket movement and feel, knows when to avoid the rush & increased comfortability. Pocket awareness cannot be swept under the rug like it’s not important. If you’re a Jets fan that had to struggle through the Sam Darnold era, it has to be a night and day difference for you watching this young signal caller lead the Jets into the regular season when the real bullets start flying. Zach Wilson ranks number one in our preseason week 2 top 3 rookie performances.

Final Stats: 9-11, 128 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs

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