Trey Holly 2023 4 star RB projected to stay home

LSU gets even more good news following the transfer QB Jayden Daniels commitment. In addition, in-state 4 star RB Trey Holly is projected to stay home and commit to LSU. This article will show the positive and negative traits of running back Trey Holly.

                                                Trey’s Strengths

One of the first strengths you see when you watch Trey’s film is his elite ability to change directions quickly, making it hard for the defense to find where he is going to bring him down. Trey’s next strength is his speed and acceleration, and when you watch his film, you can see that his acceleration is insane. He goes from 0 to 100 real fast! The last huge strength Trey has is he is excellent at catching the ball. If LSU were to get him, they would also be able to use Trey as a WR at times.


   Trey’s Weaknesses

The only weakness people would say in Trey’s game is his size, which isn’t true, so he is 5’8. Many other NFL running backs have been the same size or even smaller, like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Frank Gore. All three of those RB’s were and are NFL great RB’s. So whoever thinks this kid won’t be good because he is 5’8 needs to be quiet.


In conclusion, everyone who has read this article thoroughly needs to watch Trey Holly’s game film because this is a kid to watch out for wherever he lands; he will be good.


Trey Holly highlights:


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