True Freshman Georgia RB Branson Robinson will make a instant impact here’s why…


Unless you live under a rock, you have heard of the name Branson Robinson. Branson Robinson is a Georgia Bulldogs RB signee from Madison, Mississippi. This article will break down why Branson Robinson will come straight into the Georgia Bulldogs system and make an instant impact.


      What makes him an instant impact?

What will make Branson Robinson an instant impact for the Georgia Bulldogs? Robinson’s biggest strength when you watch his game film is his physicality. He is so physical that even if a defender has two hands on him trying to bring him down, he is legit carrying defenders on his back. The next strength that stands out when you watch his game film is his explosiveness. Whenever Branson Robinson sees a lane or a hole in the defense, he explodes through the gaps so fast it is hard for defenses to stop him. The last big strength that will make him instant impact at Georgia is his overall athleticism. Robinson’s athleticism is off the charts. The guy can squat over 600 pounds! In addition, he can also bench 400 pounds and has a vertical of 40 inches!


That is why Branson Robinson will make an instant impact for the Georgia Bulldogs! If you want to watch Branson Robinson’s game film, it will be below.


                                      Branson Robinson highlights:

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