How far can the North Carolina Tar Heels go in March Madness?

The big question of the UNC Tar Heels basketball team’s season is still TBD. How far can they make it in March Madness? This article will be the starting point to the answer to that question. How far can the UNC Tar Heels make it in March Madness?

                                            UNC’s Team Strengths

Feb 28, 2022; Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels forward Armando Bacot (5) and guard R.J. Davis (4) and guard Leaky Black (1) and forward Brady Manek (45) celebrate at the end of overtime at Dean E. Smith Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest factors determining how good a team can play is what they are best at. The biggest strength for the UNC Tar Heels is FT shooting. One of the most underrated aspects of basketball is FT shooting, and for UNC, it is the thing that wins them a majority of games.

The next big strength that will help the Tar Heels in March Madness is their rebounding ability. Throughout the Tar Heels season, they had a record of 22-6 when outrebounding their opponents.

The last big strength that the Tar Heels have coming into March Madness is their field goal shooting. Throughout the Tar Heels season, when they shot 45% or better from field goal, they went 18-4, which is good.


                                        UNC’s Team Weaknesses

The biggest thing that stunts the success of any team is their weaknesses. The UNC Tar Heel’s biggest weakness this season has been their 3pt shooting. This season the Tar Heels 3pt shot was inconsistent sometimes; it would be good and sometimes not good at all.

The last big weakness that stunted the Tar Heels season was their defense as a whole. This season they allowed an average of 73 ppg, which Is 265th worst in the nation. The Tar Heels need to make some defensive adjustments before March Madness starts because the teams that play in March are mostly the best in the nation.


                                                  Final Prediction

The best-case scenario for how far UNC can go is the Sweet 16. Why? Because going back to their defense allowing the 85th most points in the nation per game at 73 ppg. Suppose your team allows that many points a game; you will have many problems when you play a team that can get in the paint and shoot the three-ball well. The last reason why that is the best-case scenario is that only being good from mid-range will only get you so far because teams you go up against in March Madness have better defenses, and if you are only good from one area on the court when they stop that you will be in trouble.

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