How Far can the Duke Blue Devils make it in March Madness?

How far can Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils make it in the big dance (March Madness) this season? None know’s the answer to that question except the man upstairs. This article will give upside to that question by providing the things that Duke has done to get to this point. And the things that they need to tweak before the big dance begins.


                                                 Duke’s Strengths

What are the things that lead the Duke Blue Devils to March? Of course, the first strength that led them to March Madness was their ability to shoot the ball from all over the court, from the three to the paint. From three this season, Duke is shooting 37%, the 25th best in the nation. Along with shooting 49% from FG, which is 11th in the nation.

The last strength that led Duke to March is their rebounding ability. This season Duke has averaged 42 rebounds a game, which is 35th best in the nation. That strength is important because if Duke is playing in a close game, those rebounds can lead to second-chance points that determine the final score.


                                              Duke’s Weaknesses

The one thing that has shot Duke in the foot many times this season is on the other side of the ball, defense. This season on average, Duke allows their opponents 66.4 points per game which are 99th in the nation, which is not so good.


                                     How far can Duke make it?

So how far can Duke make it in March? The best-case scenario would be a Final Four appearance. If Duke had a better defense, the best case would be a nati. But with them not having the best defense, it is hard to say that. However, their offense will take them far in this tournament; they just need to be consistent. Every year we see teams who played really well in the regular season but fell in the first or second rounds because they can’t stay consistent. If Duke does make it to the final four, Coach K. will be riding out into the sun knowing he did more than enough for the game of basketball.

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