2023 5 Star QB Nicholaus Iamaleava Projected to Head to Knoxville

Josh Heupel and the Tennessee Volunteers received good news today. 5 Star QB Nicholaus Iamaleava out of Warren High School in Downey, California, has been projected to head to Knoxville. This article will provide why the Volunteers are a good fit for QB Nicholaus Iamaleava.

                                         Why is he a good fit?

What makes Nicholaus Iamaleava a good fit for the Tennessee Volunteers? The first thing that makes Nicholaus Iamaleava a good fit is because, after the upcoming 2022 season, Tennessee will be without a for sure starting QB since Hendon Hooker will most likely declare for the NFL. With that in mind, Tennessee will have a big QB competition for the 2023 season to see who will be leading the team.


What are the biggest strengths that will help Nicholaus Iamaleava play well at the next level? Of course, the first strength that will help him play well at the next level is his pinpoint accuracy. When you watch this guy’s film, you see his accuracy is just so good that he puts it in the perfect spots for his wide receivers wherever they are. The last strength that sticks out when you watch his film is his ability to escape pressure. Whenever he is in the backfield, and a blitz is taking place, he can recognize it quickly and escapes the pocket. The problem with many QBs is right when they get to the college level; they don’t recognize blitz’s very well and stay in the pocket and get sacked. But with Nicholaus, he won’t have that problem since he can already pick up on things quickly.


That is why Nicholaus Iamaleava is a good fit for the Tennesee Volunteers, if you want to watch Nicholaus Iamaleava’s game film it will be below.

                                        Nicholaus Iamaleava highlights:

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