Miami Dolphins will be the biggest cheat code in Madden 23.

If you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, the good news is that your team has made some of the biggest splashes this off-season; with the arrival of Tyreek Hill, Terron Armstead Raheem Mostert, and Teddy Bridgewater, your chances of winning the division has vastly improved. Unfortunately, if you’re both a Phins fan and you play, Madden Online ranked, you will often be lined up against your team as the Miami Dolphins will be the biggest cheat code in Madden 23.

At Quarterback, not only do you have the option of Tua Tagovailoa, the savvy lefty, you also have the option of Teddy Bridgewater, both of who are capable of running read options and picking up 1st downs with their legs. Both QBs have 86 throw power, not too shabby, with Tua slightly edging in short and medium accuracy ( 89 and 84) while Teddy edges with Deep Accuracy at 82. Some users will utilize both QBs, Tua, on rollouts to the left or with the ball on the right hash, Teddy on rollouts to the right, and the ball on the left hash.

At running back, you have a madden player’s dream in Raheem Mostert, who has 96 speed 95 acceleration with 82 break Tackles and 74 truck; Mostert will excel in inside runs out of shotgun because of all of the speed on the outside at WR. In addition, spelling Chase Edmonds on pivotal passing downs gives you an elite catcher out of the backfield.

At Wideout, you have 2 of the top 3 fastest players on Madden with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and put fear in the hearts of the defense every down. PA Boot Over out of the Gun Bunch TE is going teams fits because of the speed and route-running ability on the field at once. Sprinkle in Mike Gesicki on underneath routes. This team will be a problem in Madden 23

Terron Armstead, Conor Williams, and John Hunt give you some key pieces on the offensive line that should be effective enough in the passing game and the run. It will depend on your scheme; if you play mostly a 3/4, then Emanuel Ogbah should give you some pressure from the LDE spot, and Jalen Phillips could provide pressure off the edge. If you run a 4-3 or play a lot of Nickel or Dime 4 man fronts, bring Philips down to the defensive end,  getting pressure that way. User Jerome baker at Mike, and you’ll see a lot of success defensively.

The Dolphins secondary can cover almost every wide receiver core in the league. Xavien Howard and Byron Jones are good in man-to-man situations but are elite in zone defense and will intercept bad throws and many 50/50 balls. In addition, Jerome Holland and Eric Rowe provide a stout safety tandem with Holland having a 77 catch and Rowe with 68 catching; opponents must wisely choose gambling in the passing game.

From top to bottom, the Dolphins are slated to have one of the most complete teams in the game, giving franchise players a plethora of assets for the trade market and online rank players the comfortability of having a roster without many chinks in their armor, the Miami Dolphins will be the biggest cheat code in Maden 23.

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