NBA playoffs Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics

NBA: Heat vs Celtics series preview

The NBA playoffs have been a joy to watch so far, and now the Eastern Conference Finals are set. Heat vs. Celtics is again playing each other after playing in this same round back in the NBA bubble. Back then, the Heat defeated the Celtics in the series 4-2 in what was crushing fashion to Celtics fans around the globe.

The Miami Heat defeated the Atlanta Hawks in the first round 4-1 and then beat the 76ers 4-2 in the 2nd round. Miami controlled both of those series for the most part. The 76ers did give them a scare after winning two games in a row, but the heat tightened things up and won the next two to close out the series.

Now the Celtics story is different from the Heats. In the first round, Boston faced off against the Brooklyn Nets. Most people expected a 7-game series, but the Celtics won 4-0 and dominated on defense. Then, the Celtics played against the Milwaukee Bucks in the next round, with the reigning NBA finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Celtics vs. Bucks was an entertaining 7-game series that the Celtics won 4-3 after an impressive game seven where the Celtics took the lead and never looked back.

The NBA playoffs are about matchups, and these two teams match up well with each other. Both teams hold their hats on defense, but the Celtics have better offensive talent with the duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. But the Heat have offensive talent as well, with Tyler Herr and Jimmy Butler, who always steps up in the playoffs. These team’s role players will be essential as they have been unsung heroes for these teams for stretches of the playoffs. Celtics role layers Grant Williams, Al Horford, and Marcus Smart played well in the first two series. Heat role players Matt Strus, P.J. Tucker, and Victor Oladipo gave the heat great minutes in the playoffs.

Both of these teams know that this series will be challenging and gritty. This should be one of the most entertaining series of the NBA playoffs

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