Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors

Jalen and Steez discuss the 2022 NBA finals, and how they felt about Jayson Tatum and the rest of the Celtics performance. Plus we give the warriors their flowers

Read and react episode 6

In this episode, some of the headlines discussed are; Aaron Rodgers signing a new contract with the Green Bay Packers, Carson Wentz being traded to the Washington Commanders, and Russell Wilson being traded to the Denver Broncos. Featuring Reel One’s Productions analysts: Jalen Wilson, Moonvibes, and Leverett Analytics host, Leverett Kt.

Episode 6| “Big Ben: The Ticking Time Bomb” + Week 3 Recap

On Episode 6 of Fantasy Vibes, the show’s signature, Reel Talk comes for Ben Roethlisberger introducing a topic that we haven’t discussed as a community- Is it time for Big Ben to hang it up? The main course includes the Week 3 Recap for every game on NFL’s Sunday Slate unpacking the stats that youContinue reading “Episode 6| “Big Ben: The Ticking Time Bomb” + Week 3 Recap”

Episode 5 | “Money Stats: WRs & TEs Edition”

On Episode 5 of Fantasy Vibes, the show’s signature, ‘Reel Talk’, opens up with an in depth break down of the wide receivers and tight ends with over 100 targets last year introducing new narratives surrounding those players to help shift your perspectives. In Fact or Fiction: MV discusses rookie contract signings and injury recoveries,Continue reading “Episode 5 | “Money Stats: WRs & TEs Edition””