Episode 1 | “Ahh! Here It Goes!”

On the debut episode of Fantasy Vibes, MoonVibes opens your mind from the jump exploring how perspective matters in Fantasy football just like it does in real life. We the explore the meaning of value & MV tells you why ADP is misleading. Moon’s mailbag takes on a life of it’s own when we head to the twitter sphere answering controversial questions such as : Do we trust Mecole Hardman in 2020? Kyle Pitts vs The Stereotypical TE’s? & more. Fact or Fiction is introduced where MoonVibes attacks the latest news and headlines around the NFL deciding which do we believe and what do we dismiss? This episodes main course is Fantasy Football Mistakes & Lessons 2020, where MV breaks down some impactful lessons learned and key takeaways from season’s past to increase your awareness heading into Draft Day.

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