Episode 5 | “Money Stats: WRs & TEs Edition”

On Episode 5 of Fantasy Vibes, the show’s signature, ‘Reel Talk’, opens up with an in depth break down of the wide receivers and tight ends with over 100 targets last year introducing new narratives surrounding those players to help shift your perspectives. In Fact or Fiction: MV discusses rookie contract signings and injury recoveries, Zach Ertz, Fred Warner‘s contract extension, Cam Akers Injury impact, Melvin Ingram signing with the Steelers. In Moon’s Mailbag: Who should we root for to win the starting job in New Orleans? Should we buy Zach Wilson as a late round QB option? Who are 2021’s highest projected Alpha target machines? Is Mike Davis the cheapest 3 down back available? The main course includes the continuation of our series “Stats That Actually Matter” featuring the wide receivers and tight ends. Have you ever wondered, “what stats should I pay attention to in fantasy football“? MoonVibes has you covered like Jalen Ramsey!

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