Episode 3 | “Turn The Volume Up”

On this episode of Fantasy Vibes, The show kicks off with Reel Talk surrounding the topic of mental health & we check in with ourselves during this summer time rush where it’s easy to forget about you. In Fact or Fiction, MV goes through the latest news cycle determining which news we believe and reject surrounding running backs in the NFL. In Moon’s Mailbag, we answer a polarizing question in the fantasy football community & you don’t want to miss when MoonVibes reaction to this! The Main Course: Have you ever wondered what stats actually matter in fantasy football? On this episode, MV starts with the signal callers and breaks down the stats that actually correlate to PPR fantasy points scored for the position. We also discuss the difference between volume based stats vs efficiency based stats. The more you know, the more you grow. If you like the podcast, make sure you consider leaving a review since it greatly helps with increased exposure for the brand & for the content. For more MoonVibes, Follow @ffmoonvibes on Twitter to connect and be heard. Any takes you like or don’t like, message MoonVibes on the bird app & stay connected this season with the content. The Goal: Present Fantasy in a fun, unique, thought provoking way that’s relatable to help us win our fantasy leagues this year & beyond.

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